What is it?

Simply put it means "a womans bedroom."

Boudoir photography started in the 1920's and blossomed into the pinups in the 40's. Today boudoir photography is a growing art. Women today no longer confine their boudoir sessions to the bedroom. Boudoir is done both indoors and outdoors.

How did I get started with it?

I personally have always loved the art of Boudoir, but a year ago I met a good friend who loved the art as much as I did. He's also a photographer, and when we started talking we made the decision that I would shoot with him for the first time. I had (and still do have) self image issues. I told myself this would help. Long story short, it didn't. Not for me anyway. And then we did another session, and one more after that. My image of myself grew every time.

You see, what I have learned about this art, is that every woman, and man, has a story. We ALL have things we don't like about ourselves. The first session I did was for my friend S, she had done one previously with a different photographer and I was determined to do a good job. My first session was pretty good. I'm not gonna lie I had no idea what I was doing. I was proud of the images I had created and I wanted to do more. Since, I've done quite a few boudoir sessions. One was a mom, an abuse victim, self image issues, one didn't want her images shared, and one was my good friend who showed me the love for this art. Everyone has a story. And I want to hear yours. Lets laugh and cry about it. Because I promise, you'll walk away wondering why you haven't done this sooner.